Course Description

In order to convey a way of thinking we need to have effective messaging. This recorded talk looks at story-telling as a powerful communication tool to motivate behaviour change for animals. As we are operating in an increasingly digital landscape there will be a focus on visual story-telling. We will also explore the impact of negative vs positive messaging and imagery, the language and tone of persuasion, and touch on audiences and segmentation.

HBCA Expert Team

Georgina Ash

Georgina is a multimedia consultant specialising in the not for profit sector. Her love of animals was cemented with an MSc in primate conservation where she conceded (during a statistical analysis class) that she wasn't a natural scientist after all. Her strength lies not in carrying out research, but in convincing others why that research is so important.

After that she spent ten years working in the communications team for an animal welfare organisation - science communication and a worthy cause being the perfect combination.

Georgina recently began her consultancy journey and is looking forward to working with you. 

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