ISAZ Satellite Workshop - HBCA

Designing interventions and measuring their impact | taught by Various HBCA Instructors
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Various  HBCA Instructors
Various HBCA Instructors

About the instructor

This course is delivered by four HBCA instructors: Anna Baatz, Jane Clements, Suzanne Rogers and Jo White (in alphabetical order). To read more about each instructor go to

"If we understand human behaviour and what drives behaviour change we can improve the lives of animals"

Understanding how and why people behave the way they do can provide solutions to challenging issues that affect animals. This HBCA workshop introduced the key concepts, principles and theories regarding the science of human behaviour change, and explored how interventions can be designed and evaluated. Case studies brought the theory to life in a practical setting. 


  • Participants will have a basic understanding of the key principles of human behaviour change. 
  • Participants will have a basic understanding of how interventions and research projects could be designed.
  • Participants will have a basic understanding of ways that behaviour change can be measured.
  • Participants will know where to go to for further information and support should they want to learn more. 

This workshop is sponsored by Cats Protection, who also co-facilitated this workshop.

Course Contents

1 Video
5.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Workshop recording and downloadable chat and slides